Thanks to synergy peoples talent with our technology

Your business wins

Nowadays only few can survive without technology advantage. We understand our role in building business success of our clients.

Our values

Time is money

We are aware that possibility to react quickly for market changes often decides about being or not.


There is no business which will never demand any changes. Similar regularity occure in IT projects and exploited systems.

Information safety

Trust is a golden principle. Sensitive informations, needs and ideas that customer share with us are data which we are taking care in the highest level.

Business thinking

We do not just install software, we provide business with tools, that directly or indirectly have to generate profit, savings or quality improvement.


We have elaborated standards of cooperation, that works and give expected results. We are avoiding understatements.

Clear communication

We do not expect that you will be proficient in new technologies, to communicate with us effectively. We are aware that key to sucess in our projects is good needs understanding, we put maximum effort on simplicity in this field.


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